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Antigua & Barbuda

European Cultural Center Non-Formal Training Model

Citizenship by Investment
Min Investment: US$ 200,000
Best Second Passport
Passport with 5 year validity
Choice of Real Estate Investment
EU Citizenship for family
Visa free travel to 100+ countries
Passport within 2-4 months

Apply on-line

Please fullfill the form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We assist clients with document preparation and filing, legal advice, housing and real estate, taxation, investment advice, which are unavailable with Government. We are not affiliated to or endorsed by Government(s) or official sources. All information including services and forms are freely available from Govt authorities.


Antigua and Barbuda has proposed a new economic citizenship by investment and passport program for investors who can directly acquire citizenship and passport either by donation to a charity or buying a real estate.


Key Benefits

The passport of Antigua and Barbuda has 5 year validity period. The Antigua Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program requires only 5 days of physical presence during the initial 5 year period. We think you should spend a few days in Antigua, because Antigua has very beautiful white beaches to enjoy :) Pick-up of the Antigua Barbuda passport can be undertaken either in Antigua & Barbuda or at an Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office of Antigua & Barbuda.



Antigua & Barbuda passport provides visa free access to approximately 130 countries including Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and the European Schengen Area States. Antigua is a hub for the Eastern Caribbean. Travel connections are very good, with regular flights into the island from key tourist markets of Canada, USA and UK. We provide the real estate acquisition, legal, financial management and property asset management services. Minimum Investment

The proposals (LTO - Limited Time Offer) under the citizenship program are:

USD 200,000 donation to National fund (or)
USD 400,000 investment in real estate (or)
USD 1.5 million business investment (or)
Passport is issued in a fast and easy way 2-3 months with 5 years validity.


Fee and Costs

The Government is offering a Limited offer for early bird applications and the investment amount under NDF only $200,000 plus the Government fee is waived for 2 additional applicants for a family of 4.


Minimum Investment (NDF $200,000 (limited offer) or real estate $400,000) +
Due Diligence Fee ($7500) +
Government Fee: ($50,000) +
Consulting Fee: ($7150) Lawyer Fee ($27000) +
Passport fee ($350)


Note: The total costs will come around $292,000 per person. Additional costs apply for dependents and family members. Please contact us for accurate quote.



There are no capital gains or inheritance taxes in Antigua & Barbuda. Personal income tax was re-introduced in 2005 and the current tax rates starts at 10% and increases to 25% on chargeable income in excess of EC$25,000 per month or EC$180,000 per annum. Each individual has a personal allowance of EC$36,000 per annum. Individuals who are in the country temporarily (i.e. less than 183 days a year) will only be taxed on income arising in or derived from Antigua & Barbuda. Individuals who have their permanent residence in the country or are present for at least 183 days per year will qualify as residents of Antigua & Barbuda and will be subject to tax on their worldwide income. However, proposed amendments to Part 111, Section 5 of the Income Tax Act will change taxation on worldwide income to taxation limited to locally sourced income. The proposed Bill is expected to become law in October 2013.


The business and corporate tax rate is 25% of net profits, although attractive concessions are available to qualifying companies. Property tax is levied on all properties in Antigua but not in Barbuda. The taxable value is based upon the property's current market value construction replacement cost with the applicable tax rate dependent upon the classification of the property (residential or commercial).


Documents Required

These are the documents which must be kept ready, when applying for citizenship.

- Medical certificate (HIV clearance)
- Police clearance certificate or Certificate of no criminal record
- Copy of passports
- Marriage certificate, with spouse as dependent
- 2 birth certificates in original


**All documents must have apostille seal, for use in Antigua and Barbuda

Please fullfill the form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.