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Citizenship by Investment
Min Investment: $100,000
Visa free travel to Schengen, UK
Easy Second passport & citizenship
No residence requirements or taxes
Easy Investor and Family Immigration
No restrictions on Dual citizenship

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Dominica has an "Economic citizenship by investment" program which allows granting citizenship to those who make a contribution to the development of the country. Still Dominica is the only country where you can get a second citizenship, is more affordable and cheaper compared to other economic citizenship programs offered by other countries in europe or carribean.


Key Benefits

Dual citizenship allowed
Full life citizenship
No residence requirements
No taxes unless you live in Dominica
Take up Residency in Caribbean CARICOM countries.
Travel visa free to over 80 countries including UK and common wealth countries.


Citizenship by Investment

Under this program you will need to make minimum investment of

US$ 100,000 donation (non-refundable) or US$ 200,000 real estate investment>

Government charges - approx. US$ 2,200 per applicant (processing, agent and registration fees)
Due diligence fee - Approx between US$ 5,000 to US$ 10,000 apply.

Travel visa free
With dominica passport, you can travel visa free to over 50 countries including the UK, Caribbean (CARICOM) and Common wealth countries. For EU schengen states or travel in US, usually visa is needed. The Dominica passport allows limited visa free travel, not as much as St.Kitts passport, which has excellent reputation and allows visa free travel over 180 countries.

There are no capital gains, inheritance, gift or wealth taxes in dominica. Unless you live in dominica, there are no income taxes on your worldwide earnings.


Processing time

It takes about 10 months of processing time to get the passport and citizenship. The dominica passport is valid for 10yrs and the government allows dual nationality and does not report your citizenship to other countries.

The government has a compulsary requirement for the applicant to come for personal interview in Dominica. Personal visit a must.


Eligibility Requirements

The Applicant must have a clean no criminal record.
Good references.
Excellent financial and business background


Documents Required

The documentation required is extensive and paperwork with the Government is very delicate and time consuming. We need the following documents for main applicant and family members..

- Application form (Form 12)
- Due diligence form/declaration
- Personal information and disclosure forms
- Business background information
- Citizenship application letter
- Passport application form
- Birth certificate (certified copy)
- Marriage certificate (certified copy)
- Married couples Divorce certificate (certified copy)
- Medical certificate including HIV-Test (originals)
- Certificate of no criminal record (Police clearnance in original)
- Two (2) personal references (originals)
- Main applicant Bank reference (original)
- Main applicant Copy of passport or ID document (certified copy) Each person including children
- Twelve (12) colour passport photographs Each person including children


Please fullfill the form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.