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1. A Delaware LLC may be owned by any national, regardless of place of residence.

2. A company in Delaware may have one or more members.

3. The Delaware LLC is not required to report any assets.

4. The company in Delaware can be operated and managed worldwide.

5. Tax Savings: There are no state income tax.


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 Type of company LLC
 Shelf company service Available
 Time frame for the company registration 7 days
 Taxes 0
 Double tax agreements No
 Name With Restrictions
 Company seal Optional
 Number One minimum
 Local officer Not required
 Publicly accessible records Yes
 Nominee Manager Yes
 Meeting location Anywhere
 Number One minimum
 Publicly accessible records Yes
 Company secretary
 Company secretary Yes
 Residency Anywhere
 Company secretary No
 Auditors No
 Requirement to file accounts No
 Requirement to file annual return No
 Restrictions on activities Yes


Unmatched Flexibility:
 1.) Anyone, anywhere in the world can incorporate in Delaware, without ever visiting the state.
 2.) One person can hold all positions and be the sole owner of the corporation or LLC.
 3.) You do not need a physical address within Delaware because we provide it for you.
 4.) Directors may fix any price on shares of stock they wish to sell.
 5.) The cost to form a corporation or LLC in Delaware is one of the lowest in the nation or anywhere in the world.

Incorporate a company in Delaware according to the following requirements:
Delaware LLC needs to maintain at least one member/manager. His name and address will be recorded and available to the public.(Should you require to run your company confidentially we will provide our nominee manager).
Delaware LLC has to maintain a local registered agent and registered office in Delaware.(If you wish your business & sensitive mail to be collected in an secure place and forwarded we can offer mailing/forwarding address in the USA, UK, Panama, Canada or Denmark).
Non resident members pay no income tax.

Genuine Anonymity:
By allowing you to file anonymously, Delaware laws shield the identities and personal information of business owners.
The State of Delaware does not require the names and addresses of LLC members and managers to be made public.
Legal proceedings or law enforcement actions are the only two circumstances under which this information must be revealed.

The list of the Documents you get after the procedure is done:

“Certificate of Formation” certified with Apostille The essential document of the company, required for legal proceedings.
“Power of Attorney” certified with Apostille This document gives power to the ‘attorney-in-fact’ to open bank accounts, buy property…
“Certificate of Authorized Person” certified with Apostille This document states who is the owner of the company. It is issued by registered agent, and is NOT public.
“Letter” – introduction LLC company future obligations
Letter with Delaware Corporate Registry file number LLC company information
“LLC Agreement” Important if there are more members of the LLC, because it states about ownership distribution.
“Minutes of the first meeting” Shows membership structure
“Certificate of Membership” Shows who is the owner of the company
Stamp Stamp


In order to commence LLC company formation in Delaware/USA, please provide the following:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Name of the company. Please send 2-3 names of your choice. It must NOT contain words such as BANK, INSURANCE, LOTTERY and UNIVERSITY (Company is not allowed to pursue with listed business)
  • Address, telephone number and e-mail address (contact person)
  • Your payment to the European Cultural Center bank account ((Please note that you can always pay online or by phone using your credit card))


We help our clients to open bank accounts, and in order to choose the best bank for you, we need to know your business plan.
Some banks ask for addtional documents ,which we can obtain for you, while some banks require your presence.

Since LLC companies are frequently used for protection of property (like registration of boats, planes etc).
If that is your intention, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request and needs.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The listed business activities are prohibited for the LLC companies: a.) banking b.) university c.) lottery and d.) insurance
If you decide to sell to the companies in USA, you have to register tax number (EIN), and status of your company is changed. The company does not become a resident one, however the procedure of tax reporting is changed and the yearly expences are greater.


Unless you are US citizen, have resident permit in the USA (Green Card) or operate in the USA and with US companies, you don’t pay taxes in the USA, except annual expenses of the company. Your LLC has to pay annual expenses of $1150, which consist of: $550 registered agent address in USA, $550 Franchise tax (due every June 1st), and $50 fee for submission of franchise tax form).

The new regulations published in the Federal Register in 2011, effectively require any and all U.S. entities to file the FBAR – Foreign Bank Annual Report if they have a foreign financial account with a $10,000 balance on any day during the year (only the highest balance on the company’s bank account and not the company’s turnover/profit). It expressly includes all U.S. LLCs – Single member LLCs and multi member LLCs – even if they may be considered “Disregarded Entities” regarding tax matters. Please note that this obligation does not change tax status of your LLC company in any way.
LLC must file and receive EIN number (Employers Identification Number) before filing the FBAR.

We suggest that you apply for EIN number when forming a company. The number will not change your tax status but will facilitate all future procedures such as FBAR report. The cost of obtaining EIN number is $400/one-off fee.

We will be happy to assist you in filing both forms (EIN and FBAR) and to get everything in on time. The FBAR needs to be filed by June 30th each year when reporting a balance for previous year. We are committed to our price of $650 for assistance in filing both EIN and FBAR forms with information you provide. You are also welcome to file FBAR at your own time and expense.

** Prices include Registered Agent’s address fee for 1st year


Please fullfill the form and send it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.